Monday, May 11, 2009

Project Based Learning

Last year my oldest did lapbooks that took her from two to four weeks to complete. Most of these were fairly straight forward but a few had her read books to find the answers to the lapbook questions. Most often with these she chose the topic that she studied.

This year we are going to take this a step further into project based learning. Basically, she is going to pick a topic every month to study in-depth and produce some sort of project to show what she has learned.

This is what we are looking at doing:

She will have 10 projects and an optional 2 week Christmas unit. For these she will have to do:

2 science or geography (animals, chemistry, life, physics, etc.)
2 history (a certain period or a holiday or event or a culture)
2 biography (a person)
2 literature based
2 free choice

For the project itself, she will get to choose a variety of formats to put them in and do each format at least once:

display board with a prepared speech
a 5 paragraph report with an introduction, three points and a conclusion
a newspaper or
a notebook where she has organized her notes and drawings about the topic

She will also submit a bibliography for each project.

Since we will take 16 days for each project, we will be able to complete these in bite-sized pieces. I am looking at scheduling it so:

Day 1--pick a topic

Day 2--use the library search engine to make a list of resources and books. Check these out

Day 3--use the Internet to find more information on the topic

Day 4--sort through her materials and make a list of those things that she will most likely use.

Day 5-8--read and take notes

Day 9--decide on the format to be used to present the information

Day 10-15--put together the information

Day 16--finish it and present it

I expect that I will be doing a lot of hand-holding and leading my daughter through this process this year. But by next year she should be able to do most of the work on her own.

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