Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meal Planning

As a part of organization and time management, it is really nice to have a plan for meals. If you know what you are cooking for dinner each night when you start the day then you will not have those tossed together meals and "let's just order a pizza" nights.

The first step in meal planning is finding out what meals your family likes to eat and what meals are easiest for you to prepare. Once you know what everyone likes to eat, it is easier to stock your pantry so that you can pull together meals quickly and easily.

The next step is to make an actual menu. This can be a weekly or monthly thing. This is my basic weekly menu:

Monday--Asian style Chicken (stir-fry and other dishes)
Tuesday--Mexican style Chicken (from enchiladas to tamales--all our favorites)
Wednesday--Pasta and baguettes (this is the only day I can really bake this summer)
Thursday--American style Chicken (basically chicken and garden veggies)
Friday--Pizza or hamburger night (homemade or frozen)
Saturday--Steak and potatoes
Sunday--Fish or other dish

When I created my weekly menu for this summer, I took into account the kinds of activities that we have scheduled each day.

How is your meal plans going?

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