Monday, May 18, 2009

Back from Scottsdale, AZ

We just got back from our trip to Phoenix, AZ. We stayed at the Phoenician in Scottsdale. For the pictures. The top one is dessert from the banquet (white chocolate cheesecake with a raspberry topping in a white chocolate container), a baby jack-rabbit, the entryway to the hotel, and a view of camel back mountain.

Our trip:

Thursday morning our plane left at 6:00. So we were up by 3:00. The plane actually left 30 minutes late because a light was out. After a 3 1/2 hour trip we landed in Phoenix at 7:30. It was warm and beautiful. We found that we had our own driver who collected our luggage for us and drove us to the hotel. (Usually we are crammed in a shuttle with a bunch of other people but we were the only ones crazy enough to fly out that early in the morning.)

The Phoenician was wonderful. We checked in and a room was ready for us. The concierge gave us tips on where to eat lunch and to shop. Our room was an upgrade. Yeah! We had a patio on the ground floor and a big bathroom. The jack-rabbits loved to come onto our patio to eat the flowers. The hummingbirds liked to visit these flowers as well.

Afterwards, we checked in with my husband's company to get our itinerary for the weekend. Then we went to the pool. It was a gorgeous pool and we met up with friends there. We invited this one couple we love to talk to to the southwestern restaurant we wanted to visit in Old Scottsdale. So we shared a cab with them ($15 one way to downtown/a 3 mile hike in 102 degree heat). The restaurant had excellent food. I had the blue corn taquitos.

But as the day wore on the little headache I had turned into a major one and as the heat hit me, I started to get light headed and my stomach felt awful. Finally, we had to return to the room so I could recover from heat exhaustion mixed with lack of meals and sleep.

By evening, I was recovered enough to enjoy the welcome dinner out on the lawn. We had excellent tamales, steak and a great variety of good food on the buffet. There was hoop dancer and we enjoyed talking to our friends that we see once a year.

Friday began with a special invitation to the breakfast put on by the sales leaders of the company. There was the best refried beans ever on the buffet. The talk was encouraging and inspiring. Afterwards, we went to the meeting and found out that my husband's company has always been prepared for a turn in the economy like this so it was on firm ground and continuing to make money. I'm glad we chose this company. It has always been conservative and solid.

The rest of my time was spent at the pool enjoying the sun and the heat drinking lots and lots of ice water refreshed frequently by the pool boy. Late afternoon was spent napping in our room and then we dressed for the formal banquet. Many of the men rented tuxes for this event and the dresses on most of the women were first class. The meal was excellent and we had a great time. The dancing was followed by an invite to the Regional VP suite with a group of others from the region to talk and listen to music. We went to bed late after a wonderful evening.

Saturday followed the same pattern only we ended the evening with a western ho-down. It was a lot of fun. There was even quick-draw, tomahawk throwing and sharpshooting booths. We enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday we left Phoenix and got back home around 6:30. At which point we were able to spend the next two hours cleaning and unpacking. This was a rather unpleasant but not unexpected end to our trip.

Now, we are well-rested and ready to take on the world again. Maybe.

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