Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why I Stock Up at CVS and Walgreens

When I talk about Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards at CVS and Walgreens a lot of people say: "But its never any thing we really need."

I thought that too at first but then once I learned how to build up my ECB and roll them. I've found that there are a lot of things that I can earn ECB or Register Rewards on that are really quite useful.

For example this week's ads:

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 2.99 earn 2 ECB use a -1/1 coupon The color treated version is great for color treated hair and I have not experienced a lot of fading using it.

V8 2.99 each buy 2 get 2 ECB -2/1 and -1/1 coupons Juice is always good to have on hand.

Speedstick Deodorant 2/5 get 3 ECB -.75/2 coupons Everyone needs deodorant and why not stock up now? If you get too much or varieties you don't like this is a great item to donate to food or homeless shelters to help get others started.

Schick Intuition Razor 8.99 get 4 ECB -4/1 coupons Everyone needs razors.

Crest Toothpaste 1.99 get 1 ECB -.75/1 coupons Everyone needs toothpaste


12 Packs Pepsi products 3/11 get 3 RR Not a bad deal for soda.

Got2b Hair Care 2/10 get 5 RR B1G1 coupon from All You

Ecotrin Aspirin 2.00 get 2 RR -2.24/1 coupon Aspirin is great for the heart, we take it daily.

Nivea Body Wash 4.99 get 4.99 RR

Rembrandt Toothpaste or Mouthwash 5.99 get 5.99 RR

Bayer Quick Release Crystals 2.49 get 2.49 RR

A lot of this stuff seems like you don't need it but how many times have you found yourself doing an emergency run to the pharmacy for some of the items you see in the ads. We've been able to stock up on quite a few unplanned store visit items since we started couponing in October. Some of these include:

cold medicine
ear drops
energy drinks
cleaning products
allergy medicine
women's items

All items that you really don't think about buying although they are the extra items on your shopping list that bring the total bill up. Using CVS and Walgreens and their reward programs helps you to buy these items for next to nothing and if you have a good storage system you will not find yourself making one of those emergency trips for cold medicine or such.

Good Luck!

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