Monday, April 6, 2009

Science Choices

I have been researching choices for science curriculum lately. My oldest wants to be a scientist probably along the lines of physics or chemistry. She is also advanced in math so as I was looking at her math and knowing that we would want to match science to math in the upper levels, I realized that it is time to start thinking about what we will want to use for those levels.

This is the sequence I am looking at:

Primary Math 4a/b
Primary Math 5 a/b
Primary Math 6 a/b and general science
New Elementary Math 1 and physical science
New Elementary Math 2 and biology
New Elementary Math 3 and chemistry
New Elementary Math 4 and physics
Calculus and advanced science

But the question is what do we want to use for those courses?

Singapore Math's Science courses?

Bob Jones University course? And if I use these do I want to go ahead and do the 6th & 7th grade science courses over the next two years?

Apologia? I've heard that this one really doesn't prep for a college science major.

Is there any thing else out there that I should be looking at? Right now all I have is Singapore which I guess we will have to adapt or BJU which is very expensive.


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