Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rod and Staff Patterns of Nature

This is Rod and Staff's science curriculum for second grade. We will be using this book next year in once a week lessons. Let me tell you a little about the book:

Each lesson has a coloring page, a story, questions and some on paper activities. You could easily add in experiments or hands-on activities to the lessons.

The book is meant to start in the fall and take you to the end of the following spring.

A fall semester with this could look like this:

Topics--seasons, seeds, weeds, trees, plants we eat.

Activities--collect seeds, visit a wildflower garden, collect leaves and seed pods and visit the local farmer's market.

Winter semester:

Topics-farm animals, zoo, pets, mammals in winter, winter birds.

Activities--visit a farm, a zoo and a pet shop, make animal tracks and make pine cone bird feeders.

The next unit is a break from the seasons and is a study of the astronomy and weather. Activities for this unit could include a visit to a planetarium, and doing some easy weather and water cycle experiments.

The spring units could play out like this:


Activities--hatch a butterfly, have an ant farm, dig up and explore worms, etc.

Topics--buds, wildflowers, songbirds, seed germination and pond life.

Activities--examine trees in spring, go for a nature hike and look for wildflowers and listen for songbirds, start a little garden and visit a local pond to see what lives there.

I think that this text is a great jumping off point to do some nice hands-on exploring in nature or to talk about what the children experience on their own as they play in a natural environment.

Have you used this text? What are your thoughts?

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