Monday, April 27, 2009

Organizing Children's Clothing

Part of the reason that I have not posted much this week is because I have been switching out clothing for everyone. We traded winter for summer this weekend and it is a lot of work since I usually have the kids try on all the clothes and see what they like and what they really want to wear for the next season.

We usually have a ton of clothes for each size for them to go through. How does this happen? Basically, when ever any one offers clothing--we take it. So what do I do with it all?

I store clothing in large plastic containers which I label with the size and sometimes the season and I keep them in my basement. These can also be stored in an attic or even a shed if you want to tuck clean plastic or a towel around the top layer of clothing.

How do I sort the boxes?

Right now we just have size 6x to 16 on hand and I have four boxes:

Size 10-12
Size 12 and up
6x to 7 winter
8 to 10 winter

But this is a general guideline of the boxes I have had in the past (with smaller clothes I often had 2 boxes in storage for each size):

Newborn (for a baby that will come someday)
3-6 mo
6-9 mo
9-12 mo
2 T summer and winter boxes
3 T summer and winter boxes
4 T summer and winter boxes
5 T summer and winter boxes

This works great and if the boxes are labeled and easy to access as you pick up finds at garage sales, clearance or hand-me-downs you can just add them to the box.

I hope you find this helpful. Do you have a great idea for organization or storage?


Momof4 said...

Ahh--the totes and boxes and bags.....mine are being rotated between my sisters and myself with different aged children. I have fallen WAY behind on the actual organization of it, but I must add that labelling BOY and GIRL is a must for us and we have one tote out for my 6yo ds for him to just add in his too small clothes/shoes almost constantly. This tote will go straight to my sister for her 3.5 yo ds when it is full. I also have bags to fill with my almost 2yo ds's stuff when we find it to be getting too small and those bags go to a good friend of mine--when she returns them, I find a tote or box to fill.
I have an 8yo dd, 6yo ds, 3yo dd, almost 2yo ds and twins due in October. I came to your site and found many homeschooling ideas and similarities between us, so I decided to follow.

CloseAcademy said...

Lol, I've only got 2 dc to worry about switching clothes for and it took me all weekend. All those boxes and bags--wow!

Thanks for subscribing. I try to post daily Sunday through Friday but sometimes I get busy.


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