Thursday, April 9, 2009

Library List

Our next lapbooks will be Ducks and Benjamin Franklin and we checked out books to go with these subjects and we also found some really neat books we would like to share.

Books on ducks:

The first two are classics and we will read them together. The next book is one of my favorite nature authors who does beautifully illustrated books for children:

And for her to read on her own:

For the Benjamin Franklin lapbook my oldest daughter is reading:

And the library find of the week is a graphic novel series that has won some awards in Japan and is all about a girl who gets a ferret as a pet:

Is this not the cutest book! My daughter was up late last night reading it and was so happy I found the series for her.

What are your children reading this week?

1 comment:

Amanda Newlin said...

Sami and Megan love the Peachfuzz books. We've read them several times! :)


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