Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How I Teach Spelling

With my oldest child, formal spelling lists just did not work. The lessons ended in tears every time. We worked through Spell to Write and Read as her phonics program and she learned how to read but it was a struggle to work with the lists. So I did something dramatic--I dropped spelling lists.

Are we doing formal spelling lessons?


What are we doing?

When my daughter wants to know how to spell a word we do one of three things:

1. She looks it up in the dictionary

2. I sound it out for her and she writes down the letters.

3. I spell it for her and she writes it down.

So how is her spelling?

It is getting better all the time and she is really learning how to use a dictionary as well.

Do you do any thing innovative in teaching a subject?


Wee Pip said...

I talk my kids through their spelling tests, LOL. If it looks like they are wildly steering off course, I try hinting. If that doesn't work, I just flat out tell them how to spell it. They get so upset with getting words wrong on a test, at least this way, they aren't so frustrated. I figure at their young ages (8 & 6), I'm really just exposing them to different spelling patterns. I like your method, too!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. And thanks for stopping by. It sounds like you have some great ideas for teaching spelling as well.


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