Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Consistency or How a Year Round Routine Gets Things Done

We do school every week, all year round with no regard to the local school system's schedule. We just keep working at things every week.

Our schedule looks like this:

4 day work weeks with Fridays for co-op and playgroup
we take off the holiday's my husband does not work
Vacation is 2-3 weeks in May and 2-3 weeks in December and any other trip we might go on

Why do we do this? Isn't it mean to keep doing schoolwork while all the other children are "free"?

I do this so that we have consistency in our schedule. Each day has a job for us and it keeps us disciplined and on track with keeping up with housework, shopping and having fun. If we didn't do schoolwork in the summer the house would probably run away from me as we slacked off and did whatever.

The time management tip that I have for you today is to keep things constant. Have a routine that you follow so that you get things done.

Our days are assigned like this:

Monday--schoolwork, fold and put away laundry
Tuesday--schoolwork, purge and add new coupons, trash
Wednesday--schoolwork, gym class, library
Thursday--schoolwork, plan next week's school, grocery deals, grocery shop, main area clean-up
Friday--bills, errands, co-op, playgroup
Saturday--clean house, wash clothes, large project or activity day
Sunday--church, CVS and Walgreens, deal with coupon flyers

There are other chores that we do throughout the day and during different seasons we do different things like in the summer we will drop gym class and go the the pool at least twice a week in the afternoons. Also, in the summer we will work in the garden in the evenings weeding, planting and harvesting. In the fall, I spend a lot of time preserving food for the winter.

Also, don't over book your schedule. Do a few things each day so that once you get those things done you do have wiggle room to do some fun things or be able to swap days for activities if you have an emergency or opportunity.

Do you have consistency in your schedule? How is it working for you?

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