Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 6. 2009 Weekly Check-in

First Grade:

Phonics: Rod and Staff Reading 1 Unit 2 Lessons 21-24. We are reading about Noah's Ark right now and working with blends.

Math: Rod and Staff Math 1. We are working with clocks, counting by 10's, dimes and subtraction within 4.

Lapbook: Seastars or Starfish

Third Grade:

Math: finished working on meters and kilometers and began work with grams and kilograms. We are skipping over the standard American measurement work and we will pick that up with another text.

Latin: 4 principal parts of verbs, prefixes, and the story of Numa.

History: Story of the World took us to the Moghul rulers of India.

Lapbook: We finished the president's lapbook. It was interesting and has spurred some rabbit trails. We will be doing lapbooks on Washington and Lincoln next.

Friday Club--We watched the movies from this site:

The Stranger Danger video was our main focus but we also watched the Internet Safety one as well. There are downloadable teacher's and parent's guides at the site as well.

It was a good week.

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