Monday, March 30, 2009

Make Your Dreams Come True

I've decided to change the focus of this blog a little bit from just being about homeschooling and classical education to dreams and goals. And making those dreams and goals happen. This is still a classical homeschooling blog but it is also a place to get ideas on how to manage every day life so that you can accomplish that which you have always dreamed of doing.

What are your dreams?

For us to be able to homeschool our children is something I always wanted to do. Retiring to Hawai'i is our other major goal.

Practicality of dreams or how do you do it?

That is where a lot of the new posts on couponing, shopping deals, budgeting, organization and time management come in. With these posts, I will show you how we are able to manage our finances to allow me to stay home and homeschool as well as how we hope to accomplish our dream of Hawai'i.

Some topics you may be seeing posts on in the near future include:

Dave Ramsey
time management
menu planning
grocery sale and coupon match-up lists
pharmacy sale and coupon match-up lists
ideas for making money

Let me know what your dreams are.


jennybell said...

I have dreamed of homeschooling ever since I accidentily found a book on homeschooling in the library stacks while doing a college research paper. Unfortunately, at least for now, I have to be satisfied with "after-schooling", although I dare say, I probably put as much thought into his curriculum as any HS mom.

I also dream of retiring on a beach, although I'm not specific as to where. I just want it to be clean and not too touristy. I did like Hawaii the one time I was there, but I also loved St. Thomas, and I would not say no to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

A silly dream of mine is to work in a library or bookstore so I could be around books all day. Alas, my education takes me somewhere different and slightly more financially rewarding, so until I don't have to work anymore, it's just a dream.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Following your dreams some times takes a lot of waiting. That bookstore on an island could be a wonderful place to be later in life.

If you dream big, you may not make it but you will make it somewhere.

Good luck and I hope you are able to reach your goals.


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