Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Latin Centered Curriculum

Andrew Campbell the author of this book has been a great support and his book has been an inspiration for my oldest in our homeschool. If not for his book, I might have given up on classical education early on when we were bogging down. Instead, I streamlined things and learned to alternate subjects and to not do too much and have found that the framework of traditional classical education works very well for my oldest daughter.

Rather than have different texts for grammar, vocabulary, Latin, Classical history, derivatives, spelling, etc. We just do a good Latin program that combines all this. Rather than worrying about reading every good piece of literature out there we just pick the really great ones that we think is important.

A typical day for my oldest, who learns via the Latin Centered method, looks like this:

She sleeps in and takes her time waking up while watching favorite cartoons and working on her graphic novel about her "life." After her sister is done with her seatwork we sit down together to work.

The day begins with a selection from Story of the World. My daughter likes these books and she colors the maps or coloring page while I read to her. We do about a chapter a week so we do this on Mondays, most Tuesdays and the occasional Wednesday.

Afterwards, we do our lesson in Lively Latin. These lessons vary from grammar, Latin, vocabulary, derivatives, Roman history, art study and even some map work. I am making a reference lapbook to go with our studies as she moves through the material.

Then we work in Classical Writing Aesop's B. One week we work with the model, working on grammar, outlining and copywork skills. The next week she works on writing her own material based upon the model.

Singapore math is next and then we work in her lapbook. The lapbooks take us from 2 to 4 weeks and she picks what she wants to study. These topics include American Girls, animals, books, biography, etc.

After we do seatwork she has time to play. She spends a lot of time outdoors playing in the garden year round and over time has collected: rocks, seed pods, shells, leaves, etc. She has also kept various bugs, fish, rabbits, carnivorous plants and cats for pets. Currently, our rabbit is in labor and due to have babies at any minute. There are field guides left about for her use to identify bugs, birds and plants. She also has her own plot in the garden and helps in the planting, weeding and harvesting of what we grow. So really true life nature studies are at the core of her science program.

In the summer she takes piano lessons and swims at the pool. This spring she is doing gymnastics and we spend Fridays working on social skills with our playgroup. Our Friday club has been great for public speaking (show and tell), projects, group projects, singing, games, and other things best taught with a group of children.

If you want some inspiration in streamlining your homeschool but still keeping the content rigorous then check out Andrew Campbell's book:


LeeAnn said...

Nice to see another LCC family! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day.

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