Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dream Accomplished: Homeschooling

It was always my dream to homeschool my own children. When I was a child, I would look longingly at the Calvert ads in the back of my mother's magazines and wish that I could be homeschooled. And today I am able to homeschool my own children.

How do I do it?

No, we are not rich. But this is a list of things we do to ensure that I can stay home with the children and educate them at home.

1. We live in a modest house in a modest neighborhood.

2. We paid cash for our second vehicle. It is ten years old but runs well and gets me around town.

3. We do not wear designer clothes but shop at garage sales and 75% off racks.

4. I cook all our meals at home from scratch.

5. We match coupons to sales and stock up on items when they are free or almost free. Yes, we buy at least 4 newspapers a week so we can do this.

6. I treat homemaking (shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.) as an important job.

7. We have a budget which tells us at the beginning of the month where all our money will go.

8. We keep extra curricular activities that we pay for to a minimum of one per child at a time.

How do you keep your dreams going?

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