Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Bunnies!

Last Friday, we put the nesting box in Hoppy's cage because we knew she was due Sunday evening. But there were no babies Monday morning although she did pull out fur on Sunday to make a nest.
On Tuesday morning, I still thought that there were no babies but she had pulled out a lot more fur and it looked like someone had emptied a bag of cotton balls in the nesting box. Hoppy has had a tendency to bite the hand that feeds her. She is a very queenly rabbit and wants everything just so.
It surprised me a bit on Tuesday that she wanted me to rub her back when I got her food and water. And she kept this behavior up over the next few days and we were so worried about her but finally on Thursday morning we saw the fur in the nest moving and knew that there were babies in there.
We got a look at them on Friday evening, and saw two white and two grey rabbits. But on Saturday, my husband was sure he saw a speckled one. And on Sunday when I took the pictures of the babies sure enough we have five: two white, two grey and one white with grey spots.
One of the little grey ones has already been named "Trouble," because every time I peek in the nest or check on them, it is hopping about. It almost hopped out of the nest today and I had to put it back in to the pile of baby rabbits.

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