Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Report for February 13, 2009

Another great week!

First Grade:

Math--story problems
Phonics--double letters

Third Grade:

Math--multiplication and division with 8 and 9. We are now done with this and have long division and multiplication down. It is time to move onto fractions and decimals. Yeah!

Latin--declining nouns

History--Persia and the Ottomans


The groundhog lapbook was OK. Fun the first week and was a bit tedious the second.

I spent a lot of time working on second grade and talking with my youngest about what materials she likes to use. And it has been decided that she will be doing Rod and Staff for math, reading, English, science, social studies and health next year. We are going to do just one day of science, social studies and health each week and will link up some lapbooks to go with our travels in social studies.

I never dreamed that I would ever do a traditional textbook approach but my youngest learns best that way.

For my oldest we will continue along our Latin Centered approach of math, Latin, history, science and I am looking to add in composition next year.

Basically, it looks like we are half traditional and half hard-core classical when I started I had planned to follow Charlotte Mason all the way.

Hope you are enjoying your homeschool journey.


TheRockerMom said...

Great stuff! Sorry the groundhog lapbook got tedious.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the R&S, too, if any of my kids end up doing textbooks. I hear their grammar is superb! ;)


Paige said...

Looks like and good week. It's always a good choice to go with what works best for your child! Thanks for sharing.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Rod and Staff is so gentle but thorough. And the groundhog lapbook was OK just not stellar.


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