Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday Organization Tip--Scheduling Schoolwork

I've been working on my youngest daughter's schedule this week. We are picking up the pace in both math and reading as she is catching on to things and is ready for an increase in workload. So I have spent a lot of time redoing the slower schedules into a faster paced one so that we are starting second grade work in September/October rather than January.

What do I use to schedule?

notebook paper--I write the dates across the top and the subjects down the sides. I have been putting 2 weeks worth of work on a single page.

printed forms found here: I like the 5 by 8 or 6 by 8 Edwardian planner pages. I write the subjects across the top and the plan out two weeks worth of dates down the side.

All of these are great and can handle 1-3 changes of plans but after that they are hard to read and you will need to get a fresh sheet. How do I know? Because plans change all the time. We decide to do something different, we speed up, we slow down, we lose a week, etc.

Hope this helps with your planning.

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