Monday, February 2, 2009

Singapore and Rod and Staff Math

I started working with my youngest in the Singapore Earlybird books in PreK. She took a year to do each set of books and the first 10 lessons in Rod and Staff. It was the beginning of first grade year before she could count to 100 with help from a chart. Math does not come easy to her.

So to build a good foundation in mathematics, I realized that I would have to make sure that we had plenty of practice and review of math concepts. We have been working between Rod and Staff and Singapore and I spent last week coordinating the two curriculums so that we could introduce and teach new concepts with Singapore, practice and review with Rod and Staff and finish off the work with Singapore.

If there is interest, I can publish my schedule on Lulu. This plan starts with the addition within 6 concept. But here is a rundown of what it covers:

Review of addition within 1-5
Addition within 6
Addition within 7
Addition within 8
Addition within 9
Addition within 10
Addition number stories/beginning story problems
Introducing subtraction
1 minus family
2 minus family
3 minus family
3 minus family
4 minus family
5 minus family
6 minus family
7 minus family
8 minus family
9 minus family
10 minus family
Methods of subtraction
Ordinal numbers
Addition within 20

Within each of these main topics there are other topics covered such as:

pennies, dimes, count by 10's, clocks, count by 5's, nickels, place value to 100s, 1/2, count by 2's, temperature, 2 column addition with no regrouping, measurement, count by 25's, quarters, liquid measurement, length, and 1/4.

I am also willing to add to these plans to give you manipulative ideas and links to the stories I use to introduce topics as well. Let me know if you want me to add this to my Lulu store.


Angie said...

So this is an old post but I am searching for the comparison between Rod and Staff and Singapore. I am mainly using My Fathers World this year, and they recommend the Complete Book of Math for 1st graders, however it is too simple for the 1st grader I have this go round. I can't get a good idea online of what Singapore will really be like. I have seen R&S so have an idea there. I saw in your post a comment that you introduce with Singapore, build with R&S and then finish with Singapore - why is that? What would you recommend?

CloseAcademy said...

Actually, over time I have developed a method of teaching with Singapore and reviewing with Rod and Staff.

Singapore is a great program that is visually appealing and teaching innovative ways of doing math and gets the children to thinking. Rod and Staff is a good solid program that reinforces math skills and gets them grounded.

If you want to see samples of Singapore try There are even placement tests. I use the workbook and textbook through level 3 or 4 then I have the Home Instructor's Guide on hand.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Did you ever publish your schedules lining up Singapore and R&S math? I followed your link to Serendipity but I didn't see a schedule. I've tried to combine the two on my own but it feels like our forward progress stalls... Also, I would love to see a post on your math notebooking!


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