Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Organization Tip--Declutter

Two weekends ago, I went through my bookshelves and pulled off all the curriculum and books that I knew we were either done with, have not used and will probably not use. I pulled off over a bookshelf worth of books.

Then I listed them with my local homeschool group, on the for sale boards at The Well Trained Mind forums and on a yahoo list I belong to for Waldorf resources. In the week the items were listed, I sold half of them and cleared out 1/2 a shelf for the new curriculum we are using next year.

So if you are looking to make a little money or clear out some clutter, take a look around your house and box up all that stuff that you are not using and probably will not use and help it find a new home.

Earlier this year we also gave a friend all my old VHS tapes for kids because our VCR is broken and we can not find a new one to buy that will work with our old TV. We also boxed up a lot of toys and dropped them off at the local thrift store.

I was able to clear off most of my basement shelves by doing this and have more room now to store our "bargains" in our own little grocery store in the basement.

Hope this helps and inspires you to clear out some clutter.

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