Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Look at Second and Fourth Grades

It is that time of year again. Time to start thinking and planning the next school year. It is time to decide what subjects we want to focus on and what we want to use. This is what I am looking at:

Second Grade

Rod and Staff Reading 1 to be finished over the summer
Rod and Staff Reading 2 to be started in September, October or January
We will probably finish Rod and Staff Reading 1 between September and November of this year. If we finish up before September we will start Reading 2 at that time but if it is November, I may wait until January to start it. We use all the components: reader, reading workbook and phonics workbook.

Rod and Staff English 2
We will begin this when we begin level 2 in reading.

Rod and Staff Spelling 2
Again we will begin this when we begin level 2.

Rod and Staff Math 1
Rod and Staff Math 2
Singapore Math 1a/1b
We are taking things slow and building up a solid foundation before moving onto the next topic. So we will probably take until fall to work on R&S Math 1 and Singapore 1a. Sometime between September and January we will begin a combination of R&S Math 2 and Singapore 1b.

She wants to learn French. What should we use? She likes lapbooks, workbooks and crafts.

We will continue to use Homeschoolshare to explore science and history.

Fourth Grade

Story of the World 3
Story of the World 4
We will finish up Story of the World 3 at the end of November and will begin the new book in January.

My Pals are Here 5a/b?

Singapore Math 4a/b

Lively Latin Big Book of Latin 1

We are looking at linking this to lapbook topics.

Homeschoolshare will be our main source to work on skills through exploration of topics of interest.

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