Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Review--Singapore Math

Why do I love Singapore Math?

easy to teach
visually appealing
easy to adapt
you can shorten the lessons
you can add to the lessons
you can just use the text and workbook or add in the supplemental materials
everything builds on what has come before
it gets to the point
we learn something and go to the next thing
there is review but you can always add in more
you can use manipulatives or not
you can add in living books
it lines up well with the order of math teachings in Waldorf
there are home instructors manuals
you can add in games
it is inexpensive

I have used Singapore with both of my daughters. My oldest is working in level 3b. My youngest is working in 1a with extra practice from Rod and Staff Math 1.

You can find it on Amazon or look at samples at this site:

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