Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organization Tip for Toys

We have a ton of toys and I am sure that all of you with children also have a ton or at least a great deal of toys. There are various ways to tame the mess from toys.

If you only have a small amount of toys you may be able to use toy boxes just fine but if you are like me you have various sets of toys that you want to keep neat. We have blocks, Legos, barbies, ponies, horses, cars, trains, etc.

How do we store all of this so things do not get mixed, lost or broken?

I use plastic storage boxes.

The large ones are for sets with large pieces or that we have a lot of stuff to go with like the My Little Ponies. We have the castle, the island and the roller coaster as well as various ponies and accessories so they fit nicely in a large tote.

The medium sized storage boxes are great for cars with a wooden track, dinosaurs, Legos, etc.

The shoe sized boxes are perfect for sets with very small pieces like the tiny barbie fairies.

OK, we are boxed up, now how do we play with the toys?

I have a rule of only bringing out one or two sets at a time. Some examples:

trains, cars and wooden animal sets
blocks, barn and horses or other plastic animals
My little ponies come out only by themselves
Dress up clothes, shoes and jewelry boxes can be out at the same time.

It works well for us and I change the boxes around every few days or whenever I get a request to do so. They play better with the toys, pick them up easier and have more fun because they are not tripping over all the toys that they do not want to play with right then. They can also find the toys that they most want to play with because they are not in the bottom of the toy box.

Hope this helps.

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