Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Posting

Over the next few weeks to months, I am wanting to make my blog more user friendly and do regular daily posts on set topics.

This is the schedule for post topics:

Monday--Great Deals
Tuesday--Time Management or Organization ideas
Wednesday--Reviews of books, products, curriculum, sites, etc.
Thursday--read alouds and Marsh deals (2 posts)
Friday--Homeschool Weekly Report
Saturday--Money Management
Sunday--Opportunities, surveys, special deals, rebates, etc.

I am also looking for sites that will help me to redo my blog so that I have the posts in the middle, topics on the left side and lists of drop down links on the right. If you know where I can get information on how to do this please leave a comment. Thanks.


Tosha said...

it has instructions on how to make your blog 3 columns.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks so much. I have looked at the site and will work with this as soon as I get a few quiet moments from the kids. Lol.

I'll get it done.


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