Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

It was a great day. We started back to school and our new schedule. It took me some time to draw up our schedule as we do a lot of once a month activities. So I made 5 versions of Monday to Thursday and 2 versions of Friday to Sunday schedules and I will swap them on the wall as the weeks change.

So what are we doing for school?

First Grade:

Rod and Staff Reading 1 Unit 2: We are spending fifteen minutes on this starting with the reader, followed by the phonics and reading workbooks and ending with the worksheet. We are going to do the lessons over a two day period.

Rod and Staff Math 1 and Singapore Primary Math 1: I am using the addition worksheets to help with math facts but am using Singapore as our main math program.

Lapbooks: the first one of the year is on Meerkats. We will have a new lapbook or thematic unit every two weeks.

Third Grade:

Story of the World 3 will be alternated with My Pals are Here Science 4: we will do the reading and workbook work at this time.

Lively Latin: this is our language arts program and includes instruction in Latin, grammar, vocabulary, roots, and classical history. We will do one lesson per month.

Singapore Math Primary Math 3b: we are starting with a review of 3a concepts using the extra practice book. I am giving her fifteen minutes to complete our lessons and am assigning unfinished work as homework so school does not drag on all day. She will have time after lunch after piano practice to work on homework.

Composition: we were lined up to do a beta test of Writeshop's new b level program but it was too much work for us so we will concentrate on learning to write reports and simple poetry this semester.

In the afternoons, I have scheduled activities each day. The lineup is:

Monday for Art history and exploration
Tuesday for history projects
Wednesday for music appreciation
Thursday for science experiments from My Pals are Here

I think that this will keep us happy and busy and moving on to a little more difficult work. Hope everyone else had a great start to the New Year.

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