Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weekly Update--First Week of December

This week went much better than I thought it would. Generally, this time of the year is filled with tantrums, chaos, drama, anticipation, distraction, etc. December is generally a time when I pull back, take a break and just focus on Christmas. It has gone well this year and I think I have learned from mistakes of past years.

We started opening our advent calendars this week and the girls have loved the little toys they get each day. I went totally commercial and got one Littlest Pet Shop calendar and one Ponyville Calendar since that is what the girls wanted. They do not have them for Webkinz.

Thanksgiving was nice and we were able to catch up with family. We did get sick and my oldest kept me up on Saturday and Sunday night with all her coughing. But we had been to the Doctor and it is only a virus that is going around.

OK, enough chit-chat and on to what we accomplished this week.

Third Grade:

Lively Latin--How, why and where of Latin.

The Grinch lapbook from Live and Learn--this is not just an upper elementary lapbook but one that you can do with younger students too. It has been a lot of fun.

McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Reading.

Math--on break until January.

First Grade:

Rod and Staff Reading Unit 1 Lessons 26-28. I love this curriculum. The more I use it the better it is.

Singapore Primary Math 1a--p. 7-14. We finally finished Earlybird. Yeah! It has been going very well and we are working on a lesson a day with 1a.

The Grinch Lapbook from Live and Learn.

We've also been practicing Christmas songs in preparation for a visit to a nursing home.

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving and a good week.


Paige said...

Looks like a good week, your advent calendars sound neat, where did you get them? Thanks for sharing!

CloseAcademy said...

They have them at Target but I got mine on e-bay. Thanks for stopping by.

Rhonda said...

It looks like a fun and productive week for you all. The advent calendars sound very fun. We've never done those and I'm sure my kids would like that.
The Grinch lapbook sounds like a very fun project! :)

Tonia said...

Looks like a good week. My dd is loving her advent calender too - I picked up a playmobil princess calendar for her.


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