Monday, December 15, 2008

Organizing Unit Studies and Lapbooks

Over the past year and a half I have accumulated a large amount of lapbooks, unit studies, and notebooking sets. Some of these I have paid for and others were freebies on various sites. I also spent a good deal of last week downloading to disk for my own use the unit studies and activity books from this site:

This week I have begun the adventure of organizing on paper what I have available to use for unit studies. I have divided topics into several categories:

History/Social Studies
Language Arts/Literature
Fine Arts

For each category, I write down the name and physical location of each unit study I have access to. Next to it, I write down if there is a lapbook available for that unit and where it is located.

I am hoping that by having everything cross-referenced for schoolexpress, homeschoolshare, homeschool helper online, squidoo and various freebies and items I have paid for that we will be better able to locate ideas for units that we wish to do.

We will see how it all comes together.

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