Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Television Shows Appropriate for Preschoolers

I know that most seasoned homeschooling families are very good about allowing little to no television and monitoring their children's intake. But if you are new to homeschooling or have a preschooler and have happened upon my blog you may wonder what television if any is appropriate for a child that is six or under. Following is a list of dvds and television shows that feed a child's brain during those times when you must or want to use the television.

If you do not want your children to be exposed to commercials then I would buy dvds for shows that are on NickJr and Disney. PBS is still mainly commercial free, although there are non-threatening commercials in between shows.

Toddler and up:

Yo Gabba, Gabba--physical education. Nickjr


Boobah--physical. PBS

The Wiggles--music. Playhouse Disney and dvds

Ages three and up:

Blues Clues--the old episodes not the new ones with Blue's room. Steve is the best and the first few years had lots of learning opportunities for children including pre-reading. Nickjr

Dora the Explorer--again the older episodes were very good at teaching Spanish and thinking skills. Nickjr

Leap Pad dvds--The Letter Factory is my favorite for teaching letters and sounds. There is also The Word Factory, Blends, Story and Math. dvd only

Sesame Street focused topic dvds--I like the ones for letters or numbers. The show is really too busy and hyper for most children but the letter and number dvds are good. dvd only

Caillou--lots of gentle learning about life and how to interact socially. PBS

Thomas the Train--slow moving but non threatening and the children learn social lessons from the actions of the trains. PBS or dvd

Curious George--again nice social lessons. PBS

Dragon Tales--life lessons, songs and Spanish. PBS

Its a Big Big World--friendships. PBS

The Big Blue House--problem solving. Used to be on Disney may be able to find tapes

Martha Speaks--PBS

Super Why--learning letters sounds and blending. PBS

Barney--preschool in thirty minutes. PBS and tapes

Zaboomafoo--animals. PBS

Backyardagains--imagination. Nickjr

Oswald the Octopus--slow gentle stories. Noggin and dvds

Micky Mouse Club--problem solving skills. Playhouse Disney and dvds

Beatrix Potter books--many of her books were animated and put on dvd.

Ages four and up:

Cyberchase--math, math and more math. PBS

Arthur--friendships. PBS and dvds

Between the Lions--learning to read and reading skills. PBS and dvds

George Shrinks--science and social skills. Used to be PBS

Little Bill--learning. Noggin and dvds

Franklin--friendships and life. Noggin and dvds

Lazytown--physical fitness and self esteem. Noggin and dvds

Little Bear--learning, life and friendships. Noggin and dvds

Peep--science. Was on the Learning Channel

Schoolastic dvds--they put between 4 and 10 picture books on a dvd. dvds

Ages six and up:

Fetch--problem solving skills. PBS

Postcards from Buster--geography and cultures. PBS

Reading Rainbow--books but some topics are inappropriate for younger children. The episodes can be dull as well. PBS and dvds

Word Girl--vocabulary. PBS

Dragonfly TV--science and news. PBS

Zoom--science and math. PBS

The Magic School Bus--science. dvds

American Girl Movies--history, social and life topics. You can have a lot of movie cuddle time ending with serious conversation here. dvds

Rock 'n Learn--various topics. Great math dvds. dvds

Schoolhouse Rock--various topics. dvds

This is a work in progress and I will add new dvds as I find them. Hope this helps someone find programming appropriate to their child's age.

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