Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Objectives for 2008-2009 School Year

Third Grade:

Spelling--work through lists A to M of SWR to gain knowledge of how phonograms work in words and learn to spell. (This has been dropped and we are looking for another approach to spelling.)

Reading Comprehension--McCall-Harby and McCall'Crabb's Test Lessons in Reading to continue fluency in this area.

Grammar--Ruth Heller picture books to learn the parts of speech. (We are picking up Lively Latin instead to achieve this goal.)

Composition--Move from dictating and copying her work to writing it on her own.

Penmanship--begin to learn cursive through copywork.

Latin--use Lively Latin to learn grammar, vocabulary, classical studies and how words work.

Mathematics--Singapore 3a/b to own the skills of long division and multiplication, learn on addition and subtraction of measurement and some conversion skills. Do prepwork for fourth grade fraction and decimal work.

History--complete Story of the World 2 and begin 3 as we continue to enjoy the story of history.

Science--lapbooks and exploration.

Music--continue piano lessons.

Physical Education--swimming and play group.

First Grade:

Phonics--Rod and Staff Reading and Phonics 1 to gain fluency in reading.

Penmanship--copywork to learn how to write small and capital letters neatly.

Mathematics--Singapore Earlybird 2b and Primary 1a to learn basic math skills, counting to 100, place value, addition and subtraction facts within 20, counting money and telling time.

History and Science--lapbooks to gain interest and enjoyment of these subjects.


Physical education--swimming, play group and ballet.

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