Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lively Latin

On Saturday, after much research, I finally ordered Lively Latin. I ordered the 2 CD set. Service was wonderful and I had a prompt reply and immediate access to the Lively Latin material on her site. We should receive the CDs this weekend or on Monday because of the Holidays. I will let you know how quickly they arrive.

So far, I have looked at and printed out the introduction and first lesson materials. I am impressed. I think that this is what we have been wanting for Latin instruction.

What did we want?

to move as slowly or quickly through the material as we need to go
that it teach English grammar
to learn about derivatives
classical history component
short intense lessons if we want them to be
classical pronunciation CD
clear explanations on why we are learning this

So far, the introduction is great and explains the why to study Latin and we do a really neat family tree of languages which my daughter will enjoy. We will spend the two weeks in December on the introductory material.

In January we will start working on Lesson one which may stretch into February as I want to take it slowly. It focuses mostly on nouns and the founding of Rome.

So far I like the program. I will let you know how it works for us.

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