Monday, November 24, 2008

How I Teach Math--Resources

Resources used: These are math stories with with I use puppets and props to teach new math concepts. These are the books I use for working on and showing that a concept is learned.

Basically, what I do is start with a story from Gnomes and Gnumbers to teach a new concept. We work with manipulatives that are listed within the story or use what we have on hand. Once we have played with a concept for a while we work the Singapore textbook together and I have the child work in the Singapore workbook on their own.

Manipulatives that we enjoy: I found a set of these for $2.40 at Goodwill when we were traveling one year. A lot of people get rid of them for cheap at book sales but I find that they are nice for a number of reasons: 1. they help teach place value 2. they are great to teach giving away and carrying 3. the children can build creative structures with them if you get the kind with interlocking ends. This is great for learning to count to 100, learning to count by various numbers, learning how to add and subtract by counting up or down, and for multiplication tables. I helped my oldest work with her 6, 7 and 8 tables by using a different color of crayon to mark each table. This has taken the frustration out of doing these tables and the more she works with these numbers the easier these tables are getting. Ours doesn't have buckets but a balance scale for grades preschool to second is a wonderful addition. There are opportunities in the Singapore books to use these in level 1 and K. We also use them for science. I have found this to be a worthy investment. The abacus is used for regrouping in addition and subtraction, counting, place value, etc. The balance is great for addition and subtraction facts. There are tanagrams, fractions, and just everything you will need to teach math at the elementary level. This pattern block set is great. The cards are wonderful and the animal book is fun. The pattern blocks can be bought used at book sales for much less and the books can some times be found used. These are great for showing counting, addition, subtraction and fractions.

This is pretty much our list of resources and manipulatives. I also have buttons and cups, counting animals, interlinking blocks and a few other things that we play with but do not use for lessons much.

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