Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How I Educate My Children--Part One

I am beginning a series of posts about how I educate my children and what I feel is most important to teach them. Essentially, I teach skills not information. I strongly believe that you can learn about or how to do anything if you know how to read, write and research.

What do I teach?

In second grade and earlier, I focus on basic math skills, learning to write letters and phonics.

Once the child is reading and writing letters with some proficiency, we move on to the beginnings of learning how to research and work on composition and copywork. We also continue to work on math.

Stuffing a child's head full of facts that have no real meaning only means that they will lose those facts once something more important comes along. So I have my children learn about topics that interest them and teach them how to research. If a topic is interesting and important to a child then they will remember it.

Lately, we have been reading the American girl books and lapbooking what we have learned. These books are full of great topics to talk about with your children. Over the last five months we have talked about child labor, presidents, hobos, trains, then and now, cholera, Native Americans, World War II and various other topics.

Watch for future posts about math and language arts skills.

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