Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last Week of September Weekly Report

My oldest daughter did a lapbook on Kit using the templates at homeschoolshare. The first picture includes: in Kit's day, conflict, what I learned and the informational paragraphs from the Kit paper dolls.
The second picture includes: prized possessions, other characters and hobo signs and symbols.
The third picture includes: favorite pastime, who is Kit, best friend and where in the USA?
The last picture includes: books in series, Grace, changes, the booklet that you can make that goes with the paper dolls, book report, fashion of the times and favorite things.
This was a lot of fun to do while finishing up reading the books about Kit. My daughter learned a lot about what it was like during the Great Depression and what families had to do to get by. She also learned about hobos, homelessness and hard work.
She also composed a letter to a friend, worked in the book Math in My World and did Mad Libs.

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CookieMonster said...

Look at that! Another lapbook. (I didn't realize you had two entries for one report.) You guys had a blast this week.


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