Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekly Report


My preschooler went to morning preschool this week and so we had adventures with getting on the bus. So Pre-Ker 1 is now here only in the afternoons. But I have a new one starting on Tuesday.

1st Grade:

Phonics--o and u. She also read a couple of easy readers.

Math--Subtraction work in Earlybird 2b.

Project--Dinosaur lapbook.

3rd Grade:

History: Shakespeare and we read The Winter Tale.

Grammar: Nouns

Penmanship: cursive t

Math: Chapter tests from Math in My World Grade 3 book. We are working through the chapter tests as a break in between Singapore Math books. She is taking the tests and if she misses anything or does not know how to do something then we will stop and work in that section until she knows that concept.

Project: Ice Cream

It was a good week. But we are looking forward to a short week next week and starting to work with my new preschooler.

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