Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Preschool Program

With doing in-home daycare, I have decided to offer a preschool program so that I can easily fold the day-care children into our homeschool day. I have developed a 2-3 year plan that uses Before Five in a Row, Five in a Row Volume 1 and the first three levels of lapbooks from this site .

This plan is as follows:

Unit 1 Colors (3-10 week study) Using a variety of books we will learn about the primary and secondary colors. We will use watercolors to paint and mix colors and we will learn about the rainbow. Other concepts include--matching, odd one out, things that go together and sorting.

Unit 2 Measurement (5 weeks) comparing size of length, weight, height, and capacity. We will also spend time learning about words that are opposites. We will read several Before Five in a Row selections.

Unit 3 Learning the Alphabet (1-3 weeks) using the Leap-pad letter factory video we will learn the letters and basic sounds of the alphabet. We will also use a variety of alphabet books. Equal and unequal sets as well as the concept of more and less will be explored.

Unit 4 The numbers 1-10 and Letters A -G (4-7 weeks) We will focus on 1 letter and 2 numbers per week. Each week will have a lapbook and worksheets as well as stories.

Unit 5 Writing the numbers 1-10 and Letters H-P (5-9 weeks) In this unit we will do a letter per week, learn to write the numbers, learn the number words, all about 0, even and odds, counting by 2's and the ordinal numbers. Each week we will do a lapbook and work on worksheets and other creative projects.

Unit 6 Shapes and the letters Q-W (4-7 weeks) We will learn about shapes through fun projects, do a letter per week and make literature based lapbooks.

Unit 7 Graphs and the letters X-Z (1-3 weeks) A letter per week with literature based lapbooks and we will learn about tallying and picture graphs.

This is the end of 3-4 year old preschool

The second level is for Pre-K.

Unit 8 Numbers 1-20 and the consonant phonograms (5-10 weeks) We will learn the sounds for the phonograms that are consonants, work with the numbers 1-20, place value and make literature based lapbooks.

Unit 9 Vowels and fractions (3 weeks) We will learn about the sounds that vowels make, what fractions are and do lapbooks on some wonderful books.

Unit 10 Time and multi-letter phonograms (6-11 weeks) We will begin with the seasons and end up with clockwork, the sounds of 13 multi-letter phonograms will be introduced, and we will do some wonderful literature based lapbooks that have a main theme of seasons, months or time.

Unit 11 Addition and more mulit-letter phonograms (at least 11 weeks) We will learn what addition is and various methods of adding, 9 more multi-letter phonograms will be introduced, and we will do some 2-week lapbook projects based on animals or literature.

Unit 12 Subtraction and silent e (at least 5 weeks) We will learn about the different types of silent e and how to subtract. We will continue with 2-week lapbook projects based on animals or literature.

Unit 13 Counting by 5's and 10's (4 weeks) We will start to read Bob books as well as some Hooked on Phonics Level 1 readers. The concepts of counting by 5's and 10's will be introduced and we will do lapbooks based on literature.

Unit 14 Money (3-6 weeks) We will learn about money using a variety of wonderful books, lapbooks and worksheets. We will also continue to work on reading through easy readers.

This is the end of my preschool schedule. If I have any one work beyond this I have plenty of ideas on where to take them. I also have on hand to use with these units file-folder games and task cards. It looks like we could have a lot of fun learning together.


jennybell said...

You are being very ambitious for Preschool. I had my son in a part-time preschool for 3 years (also teaching him at home) and even in the 4 year old class, they didn't do all you are planning on doing for the Level 1. I hope it works out for you.

Our home preschool time usually only lasted maybe 30 minutes of "teaching", 30 minutes of read-aloud, 30 minutes of "craft" time which also might have been something else (think lapbook-style) although that's not what we did). Then we had "field trips" added in too, which you could probably do as outdoor time (scavenger hunts for things in the yard; or also finding things in nature to make a collage). And probably too much "educational" TV/

Good luck with your preschool/daycare!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. We are excited to get started and will probably only spend a few minutes per day on the topics plus creative time and storytime.



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