Saturday, August 16, 2008

Minimus Latin

We started Minimus Latin in January and are taking a break right now in the midst of chapter 8. There are 12 chapters total and my plan was to do one chapter per month.

My oldest daughter loves Minimus. In the beginning things are fairly simple and most of the vocabulary is words that are similar to English and/or Spanish words. I really did not need the instructor's guide for translation work until around chapter 6.

Each chapter introduces words, parts of speech, history and mythology. It is a fairly balanced and fun program. We did get the CD so that we could listen to the stories and learn to pronounce the words correctly.

The instructor's guide is rather expensive but the worksheets that are contained in the guide are wonderful. They really help to reinforce the concepts learned in the book.

We have been very happy with Minimus and do a section in the book per day but are currently taking a break as we focus on spelling. We hope to return to Minimus in November and finish it up shortly after the New Year.

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