Friday, July 11, 2008

Time for Changes

My e-bay business has been winding down over the past six months and no longer generates the income I need to bring home in order to continue homeschooling. So after a lot of searching for ideas on how to replace that income, we have found a solution.

I looked at doing homeschool consulting (helping with curriculum choices, scheduling, etc.), starting a school (where we took in other children), offering classes that I can teach (I am doing a series of canning classes) and writing curriculum of my own (this is starting to do well), we have decided to do child care.

So the past few weeks, I have been getting together the paperwork, tests, background checks, and this Saturday I will take the CPR/First Aid class that is needed to get on the local referral list. We are looking at taking in a baby and two preschoolers (4 to 5 years old).

We are all excited about this new opportunity and stage of life. We are hoping to make new friends and have good experiences.

So how will this work with homeschooling?

I already do short intense lessons with my girls and focus on the basics so that will not change. I am thinking it will look something like this:

Third Grade:

Spelling--WISE Guide lists with charts and worksheets I wrote
Grammar--Visually Language Arts Level 3 (uses Ruth Heller Grammar Picture books)
Math--Singapore Math 3b/4a
History--Story of the World 2 and 3 with coloring pages
Independent Research--she picks a topic and learns about it for one to two weeks and puts all that she learned into a lapbook.

First Grade:

Phonics--Visually Language Arts Level 1
Math--Rod and Staff 1 and Singapore Math Earlybird 2b/1a

We have been doing this this summer and it has been working beautifully. I promise to post lapbook pictures soon. They are learning so much and it is a lot less stressful for us all.


Phonics--Visually Language Arts Level 1 (letter of the week activities)
Readiness activities for numbers, shapes, colors, etc. using coloring pages, preschool worksheets, file folder games, lapbooks, stories, etc.

I am hoping it all works well but we shall see what life brings.


Rhonda said...

This sounds like an exciting change for your family and a wonderful way to generate extra income! I hope it all goes well for you! :)
~Have a blessed day.
(I enjoy visiting your blog.)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. We are excited about the new changes.


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