Monday, June 23, 2008

Visually Language Arts: Level 3

I just put up the first edition of the language arts curriculum that I created for my oldest daughter. I am currently working on the level for my youngest daughter.

With Visually Language Arts, I have used Waldorf, progymnasmata, notebooking and other techniques to make phonics, grammar and composition come alive.

The level 3 teaches the parts of speech and narrative writing. For the parts of speech the jumping off point is Ruth Heller's Grammar picture books which are available at many libraries. I made charts and worksheets to fill out to make a special grammar notebook so the child will have their own reference book on the parts of speech that is special to them.

The jumping off point for the progymnasmata portion of the curriculum is Bible stories and the child will learn how to write a narrative from one character's point of view (slanted narrative), a direct narrative, an indirect narrative, etc.

I will be starting this with my child this fall and will update the curriculum as I use it and make any changes and add in an answer key if desired at that point.


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Wee Pip said...

That sounds so cool! I'm sure this would fit the bill for many homeschool moms. Way to go!


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