Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Week of June

We had a good week although it was only three days long.


My oldest worked on multiplication with re-grouping for the sevens table, listened to a story about Mali and worked on her Rabbit information page for her Rabbit poster for 4-H.

My youngest worked on phonics, addition within four and mini-books for her lapbook on horses.


We had an all-day food co-op event. Because of the rain we didn't go to the park for a picnic but went to Chucky-E-Cheese. It was a lot of fun.


My oldest worked on more seven table multiplication, listed to a story about Africa kingdoms, and took pictures of Rabbit parts.

My youngest worked on phonics, did a addition ladder for the number nine, and worked on her lapbook on horses.


My oldest and I played a multiplication facts games with the six and seven tables, and wrote a paragraph about rabbits.

My youngest worked on phonics, played a number recognition game, and worked on her horse lapbook.

We also found a permanent location for our Friday enrichment group.


We played charades, spoon and egg race, freeze races and sang songs for Friday enrichment. We then went to the park for playgroup but it was a hot day.

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