Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekly Report for May 19th to 23rd

OK, our big project this week was to make baguettes. We made a whole wheat version with 1 cup whole wheat, 2 cups unbleached and 1 cup cake flour. I love this recipe and we love the bread with it's crackly crust. It is perfect for dipping in oil mixes.
First: We mix the ingredients into a shaggy dough.
Second: Dough that has been kneaded and has risen.
Third: Dough cut into loaves.
Fourth: Finished bread.
We kept things light and simple this week. The next few weeks we will be cleaning up any thing that we didn't finish up in the regular school year. We won't really start our gearing up until July.
Kindergarten Clean-up:
Phonics: Rod and Staff Reading 1 Unit 1 the letters L and V
Math: We worked on addition within 3
Penmanship: writing numbers and letters together in combination
Second Grade Clean-up:
Phonics: ie and ei
Math: Long division with the six times tables
Latin: Minimus Chapter 5 the differences between Romans and Britons
Science: Changes in the States of Matter
History: War of the Roses and Princes in the Tower
Typing practice on home row
McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Reading
It was a week of ups and downs as we got back into the grove after a two-week break. I also started my oldest on a daily check-list to help her do the things that she needs to do each day. Hope everyone else had a great week too.


CookieMonster said...

*drool* yummy, fresh-baked bread! Well done.

Paige said...

That bread looks so good, would you share the whole recipe?? Thanks for sharing your week!

Kat said...

How cool to make bread. We need to do that sometime. I have never made it myself...except for soda bread...but you don't have to let that rise. The kids love to be in the kitchen with me...and we do a lot of recipes on the blog.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to share the recipe. Look for it soon. I got it from the book The Bread Baker's Aprpentice by Peter Reinhart. It is a great book filled with instruction and recipes for all sorts of bread. He teaches bread making at a premier chef school here in the states but has toured Europe to add to his collection of recipes and was the first place I had heard about Ciabatta.


Wee Pip said...

yum, the bread looks delicious! I admire you for making bread from scratch - I "cheat" and get the frozen bread dough on occasion:p


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