Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We have Bunnies!

We got bunnies. They are mini-rex, five-weeks old and so cute. The white one has pink eyes and is very adventuresome. She loves to bounce around and explore everything. The grey one is so sweet and loves to cuddle.
We take them out every morning and evening to play on the porch and if it is a nice day we have a little outside run to let them play in the grass with supervision. The little gray one loves to play with toys. We gave him a toilet paper roll, a bottle-cap, plastic keys and a ball. He will pick up the keys or cap and throw them in the air.
I take them both out in the mornings to sit in my lap while I read the paper to help them continue to be used to being held. The white one snuggles under my chin and really doesn't like to be held but the grey one loves to cuddle and likes nothing more to sit on my chest while I read the newspaper in the morning.
We thought about keeping them in the house but it didn't smell very good so we have them on our screened porch where we can interact with them all the time without the smell in the house.
It has also been very interesting watch our cats and the bunnies interact. Our large white cat has been very curious about them but the bunnies started coming up and looking for a place to nurse and so now the bunnies like to play make the cat jump by chasing her. Our other cat has just acknowledged that the bunnies are there and have given them a few hisses but is otherwise afraid of their new housemates.
Bunnies are a nice heartwarming addition but still a lot of work.


Su Ali d'Aquila said...

they're sooo cute *___*

congratulations! :D

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. We love them.


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