Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bahamas Pictures

As promised here are some pictures from our trip to The Atlantis on Paradise Island in Nassau the Bahamas. The top picture is of a ray that liked to hang out on the top of the tube that you could walk through and look at the fish in the the tanks. There was a huge assortment of creatures there and we probably didn't go through half of them. Atlantis is so big that you can get lost there. We were fortunate to be on our way to the pool when they were taking the manta ray that they let free to the ocean. It was really neat to see it fly over our heads and we ran to the beach just in time to see it released.
The next picture is of the Atlantis, well part of it anyway. Like, I said the place is huge. It took about fifteen to twenty minutes to walk just about anywhere and my feet were bruised by the end of the trip. We did play in the casino on the quarter slot machines and I won $50.00. Since this was a company trip we also had several neat parties to go to and really enjoyed ourselves.
The third picture is of Goldie's which is at the downtown Nassau Fish Fry area. They made really good conch and I loved their dipping sauce. The dipping sauce at the Atlantis was more bland and they pureed the conch for making fritters. Goldie's even let us go out back and watch them get the conch out of the shells and skin them. We went with a group of friends and had a really nice time.
It was a good trip and I feel like I came back more relaxed and ready to take on the new school year.

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