Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Children, Two Learning Styles, Two Times of School

After working closely with my youngest daughter this year, I have found that my girls are on opposite ends of the learning style spectrum.

My oldest is a very visual learner, who has been pencil phobic, picks up math and science easily and had a hard time learning to read. For her anything by Singapore Math has worked well and programs like Minimus Latin work great. She needs pictures, visual clues and short lessons.

My youngest is a book learner, she likes textbooks, workbooks, and stories. She is not a logical learner like her older sister but more of a head in the clouds type of kid.

So after my observations this year I am finding that a number of things will be happening in my homeschool to optimize learning for both girls:

1. I will not be able to combine subjects. I always thought I would do this but I do not think it will work.

2. I find that they both do best when I teach them separately. So I will be teaching my youngest and then my oldest child each individually, apart from the other.

And for the curriculum line-up for the girls next year there will be a split.

First Grade:

Rod and Staff Reading 1
Rod and Staff Math 1
Singapore Earlybird 2b and Primary Math 1a
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1
We will not do history this year but I think she will do best with something that she can read and then fill out a worksheet on. So I may start Story of the World for her in third with the worksheets or tests that I have seen online.

Third Grade:

Latin--Minimus/Secundus or Salvete!
Math--Singapore Math Primary Math 3b/4a
Science--My Pals are here 4b
Spelling--WISE Guide to Spelling with my worksheets and charts
Grammar--Ruth Heller's books with my worksheets and charts
McCall-Harby and McCall-Crabbs 1 Test Lessons in Reading
History--Story of the World 2 and 3
Composition--Progymnasmata Narrative Exercises
Literature--The Old Testament
Penmanship--Typing and Cursive introductions

I think that this is really where we are at. I will be doing classical with my oldest and a textbook/living book mix with my youngest. It's a good thing that we school year round and do Charlotte Mason style short intense lessons because otherwise this could get to be a lot of work.

Hope everyone else has their plans for next year coming together well.

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Rhonda said...

Isn't it great that we can understand our children so well-and their learning styles and strengths. All 3 of mine have differences in their learning styles and modalities and it has helped me so much to identify that. It sounds like you have a great plan going!!
~Have a blessed day.


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