Thursday, April 17, 2008

Second Week of April

We have two more weeks of school left then we will take a break and come back to start our summer gear up for first and third grade. I put together the year-end progress reports for the girls today and will be starting on goals for next year. At the beginning of May, I will print out our attendance records and field trip list. I can't believe Kindergarten and second grade are almost done. They grow so quickly--hold them tight.


She was a bit antsy this week with a birthday party coming up and lots of friends coming over. So we have a very light week.

Reading--We only worked in the phonics book as she couldn't focus on the reader or the reading book.

Copywork--She worked a little on letters she has trouble with but we are going to focus the next two weeks on writing numbers so that she can start doing more math.

Math--We began working with addition in both Rod and Staff and Singapore. In Rod and Staff she is copying addition sentences. In Singapore we figured out how many ways there are to make 6 and 7. We also made addition ladder for each number showing how you can climb up to the number.

Second Grade:

She had a great week.

History--The Ottoman Empire was the focus.

Phonics--oe and ey were the phonograms that we learned about.

Copywork--sentences to go with oe and ey.

Math--long division. This is what we spent most of our school time on this week was learning the process of long division. I think she has it down and after next week will be fine with it.

Latin--We finished up chapter 4 of Minimus and will be working on the last of the worksheets next week. We may start on chapter 5 or let it wait.

Science--we took a break while we focused on long division. We will finish up the unit on volume of solids, liquids and matter before our summer break.

It was a good week. Hope you had a good one too.


Lorna said...

Fantastic work getting to grips with long division.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Paige said...

Thanks for sharing, I can't believe how fast it goes by either!

Anonymous said...

They do grow up fast don't they? Wow long division that's great! Sounds like a great week!


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