Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Planning and Scheduling

I use the old fashioned method of planning and scheduling. A piece of paper and a pencil. Above are two pictures of my scheduling techniques. The top is Unit 1 of first and third grade and lists the topics we are covering for the month of August. The second picture is a weekly schedule with our work laid out on a day to day basis.
How do I schedule?
First I figure out what days we do not want to do school and what weeks we want to reserve for fun school. Then I make a notebook page for each month listing the number of weeks of school.
What is fun school?
This is a week where we take a break and do lapbooks, art projects and other fun things to give our brains time to digest what we have learned over the last three to seven weeks.
What do I do next?
I take the monthly pages and divide up the topics we want to cover over the course of the year. I also divide up math and science into monthly units.
The Unit 1 page translated:
Unit 1 August 4 weeks of school
Third Grade:
Spelling--WISE Lists A B C D
English--Nouns, Stories of Creation, Slanted Narrative
Science--My Pals are Here Water Cycle
Latin--Minimus Chapter 8
History--Story of the World the Reformation to Macbeth, Caves
First Grade:
Rod and Staff Reading 1 unit 2 Lessons 1 through 8
So what do I do for weekly scheduling?
I then divide up the information we want to cover into small daily bites.
The Schedule for the week of 7-28 translated:
R&S R1U2 Lesson 1 Lesson 2
EB2b 44 45 46 47
Stories Creation Caves p. 327-330 p. 330-333
Reformation Trent
WISE A intro list opposites fill in blanks test
Grammar nouns common proper abstract
Composition compose revise polish
SM3b 109 110-111 112-113 114
Minimus p. 46 p. 47 words p. 47 grammar
MPAH t 42-45 t 46-47 AG 27-29 t 48-49
wb 52 wb 53-54
How do we not get overwhelmed or stressed by the schedule?
By doing things in units I am able to spread things out in bite sized pieces over the course of the month. By the end of the month we are usually running out of work and having very light days or catching up because we had rough days earlier in the month.
We also find that scheduling fun school every fourth to eighth week breaks things up and allows the children to digest what they have been working on.
What if things need to change?
I write everything down with a pencil so that it is easy to erase and change things if we need to switch curriculum, move faster or move slower.
I hope this helps.

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School for Us said...

I like the idea of a week of "fun school" periodically. This might be a time when I'd squeeze in art projects, science experiments, etc. I'll have to think about this...


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