Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Full Week of April

We had a good week. I started consciously schooling the girls apart this week and it is working very well. No more complaints about how sister is making too much noise, fighting over my attention and such. Everyone seems to like having some quiet time alone with mom to do schoolwork.


Rod and Staff Reading 1 Unit 1 Lessons 10 and 11. She is reading fairly well and enjoys the workbooks. It was so cute when she was matching words and when she would find a match she would clap her hands and cheer. I've looked through the other units and it looks like it is really a great phonics program. It does mix sight reading and phonics but it is a nice balance and we are using both workbooks.

Singapore Earlybird 2b--we started this book and are working on simple addition.

Copywork--I had her copy the alphabet to find out what letter she needs to work on.

Rod and Staff Math 1--I am going to have her do the pages out of this math book so that she will get enough review and drill to help with math skills since this is her weak area.

Second grade:

She was ill this week so we took it kind of light dropping composition for the week.

The phonograms--ph and ough

Story of the World 2--The founding of Russia and the two Ivans were the stories.

Singapore Math 3a--long division was introduced and we worked on the review in the workbook.

Latin--We started with Chapter 4 and learned about how the Romans wrote.

My Pals are Here Science 4a/b--We learned about the volume of liquids.

It was a great week despite the fact that my oldest was ill. We also came to some good realizations and I think we are finding the balance and the direction that we need.

I hope every one else had a great week too.!


Lorna said...

Children are so different at this age aren't they? It takes a while to settle into a learning style that works.
Best wishes

CloseAcademy said...

Yes, they are. Thanks for stopping by.

Paige said...

Hope your oldest feels better, looks like you had a good week. Thanks for sharing!

Audrey said...

It takes a while to find your groove with more than one kid! I'm still working on mine (as I've recently started schooling my 3rd.)


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