Friday, March 7, 2008

First Week of March

We started a new unit this week and it went well. Some cabin fever has been affecting everyone but otherwise things are good again now that I am over that nasty bug from last week.

Rhythmic Drill--My youngest has broken the 20 barrier and can now count to 100 with the help of a hundred chart. My oldest is working on the the 6 and 7 tables for multiplication.

Mathematics Exploration--We read a story about a girl named Mul de Plier.

Phonograms--This week I re-introduced ea and aw. We also made charts for ch and oo. The girls spent a lot of the week trying to find words with ch and oo sounds.

Reading--My youngest dd has been showing interest in reading again and wanted me to bring the Rod and Staff Reading 1 stuff out again. She has been working on the stories for lessons 1 to 5 and we have been working with the workbooks.

Math--My youngest worked with place value in Earlybird and my oldest with multiplication and division.

Composition--My oldest is now ready to have me type her composition so that she can copy it to lined paper.

Minimus--We started chapter 3 and my oldest did very well with the grammar lesson where you look at the end of the word to tell who is doing the action.

Science--My Pals are Here was all about matter and it took us to a site about atoms where we learned about Quarks.

McCall-Harby Test Lessons in Reading--Still going strong there.

Art--My girls have brought out the stencils and have been making all sorts of beautiful spring and Easter pictures with them.

It was a good week. A little stressful at times but a good week.


Daisy said...

It sounds like a great week. My kiddos are working on the same math skills as yours. ;-)

I need to start working on some Easter crafts. It is sneaking up on me!

Lorna said...

My scientist friend who designs machines at Cern would be very impressed at you learning about quarks! I still can't get my head round them.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by. It was a fun week.

Wee Pip said...

I love how you do a "mathematics exploration" - great idea!


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