Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Want to know what I have been doing?

I've been a bit quiet on the blog these last few weeks as I have been planning first and third grade year for my daughters. But I have also been making new lesson plans and curriculum because quite a bit of what we are doing next year I have made from scratch or has been inspired by others but changed to fit the needs of my family.

So first off I made lesson plans for My Pals are Here Science 4 a and b. In these lesson plans I have scheduled the text, workbook, activity guide and higher order thinking skills books. Also, I give the Dewey decimal area of the library to look for more books on the topics discussed in the text at this level and a shopping list for each week.

Next is the big project. I have created a language arts program called: Visual Language Arts. Level 3 is now typed up and in the process of being revised. Level 3 uses the Ruth Heller picture books on grammar concepts as a jumping off place. I have made worksheets and charts to go along with these book so that a child would have a grammar dictionary of their own making at the end of the course.

Also, included in this course is the progymnasmata. For this level we are working at writing narrative pieces based on stories from the bible. The only thing that is missing is spelling--right? Wrong. I am presently in the process of typing up enrichment worksheets for The WISE Guide to Spelling.

So I have been a bit busy and I hope to start getting things up on Lulu over the next month.

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