Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Plan for March

I just put the finishing touches on our March unit. Here it is:

Rhythmic drill: counting, multiplication and division facts for 1 to 7.

Seasonal poem: King Winter be gone.

Math activities: multiplication and division activities

Phonograms: ea, aw, ck, wh, ed, ew, oa and gu

We will read stories from Milo Winter's Aesop's Fables.

Math: Earlybird numbers within 20 and begin addition and my oldest will be working in SM 3a on multiplication and division.

Form Drawing from Donna Simmons book.

Latin: Minimus Chapter 3

My Pals are Here Science 4a: finish up unit 1 on matter and begin unit 2 on the states of matter.

Creative time: we are going to try out hand at making prints.

Bedtime reading: American girl Kaya, D'Auliare's book on Benjamin Franklin.

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