Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Plans for February

This month will find us kicking things up a notch. We will continue with our circle time as we all find this to be a lot of fun. But some of our activities will not be as easy as they were last month.

This is what is planned for this unit:

Circle up--Let's Make a Circle verse

Rhythmic activities--+5, +6, +7, -9,-8,-7, and -6 tables with our little rainbow felted ball. My youngest is working on counting beyond 20.

Seasonal Verse--Here is the woodcutter

Daily Weather Report

Math Lesson Transition--Knock, Knock Gnomes verse

Exploring math--we will use rods to explore math.

Stretching--Two feet go tap, tap, tap

Phonograms--ay, ai, oy, oi, and the fabled set of er, ir, ur, or and ear.

Story--Aesops fables (1 a week)

Math Practice--addition and subtraction of large numbers using rod diagrams in Singapore 3a for my oldest. My youngest will continue to work in Earlybird 2a on number values.

Form Drawing using Form Drawing for Beginners by Donna Simmons--1 form per week.

Compostion--Asking Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How in relation to our weekly fables. And an illustrated short narration of the story.

Minimus Latin--Chapter 2 which will include a dinner party.

We are looking at doing some painting this month and felting. My oldest daughter also requested that we start My Pals are Here Science 4a so we are awaiting the books to add that science back in sometime this month.

At bedtime we are reading about American Girl Felicity. Once finished we will read: Paddle to the Sea, D'Aulaire's Franklin, and a book about Paul Revere and possibly one on Patrick Henry as well. There has also been a request that we read American Girl Kaya's books next once we have finished up some of the colonial period books.

I hope that it will be a good month and that we will not be too confused by Singapore rod diagrams.


Tina said...

I just love circle time! Seems like you have a well planned out month. :o)


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. It has really helped with attitudes to framework our day with circle time. It gives us balance between fun and work. And when we do those stretching verses halfway through it gives us all a recharge.



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