Saturday, February 2, 2008

Last Week of January

A busy but fun week ended the month of January for us.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did school and finished off our units.

We worked on the phonograms ch and ar, finished up our pages in Singapore on place value, rewrote the fable "The Farmer and His Sons" and reviewed chapter 1 of Minimus.

We also talked about what we are doing/want to do for February and I got most of our stuff put together.

Wednesday was our monthly trip to the Children's Museum. This month they had Curious George there and we spent a lot of time in that exhibit mainly playing with bunnies. We also visited the Carosel, dug for dinos and checked out the Robots exhibit. We are all dissapointed that Passport to the World exhibit is closed but are looking forward to finding out what will replace it. We were also kind of sad and kind of ready for next month to be our last visit for a while. We are thinking about renewing in 2009 again and taking time for the rest of the year to explore other local options for field trips.

On Friday we had playgroup and our first session of Friday Enrichment Club. I just have to say that it is a success. We announced the group last Friday and were filled up by the end of the day.

So what is Friday Enrichment Club?

On Fridays we meet to have stories and activities (games, music, crafts, show and tell). Each Friday has a theme and we gear the stories and activities to the early elementary level. This past week our theme was Groundhog Day. The children enjoyed the stories, loved playing groundhog, and had a good time making headbands.

It was a very good week and we are looking forward to our fun school week next week where we are learning about snow.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good week, and the Friday Enrichment Club sounds awesome!!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks, we've been wanting to do something like that for a long time and we finally just dove in and did it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tina said...

WOW! You had an awesome field trip type of week. I love those weeks. :o)


CloseAcademy said...

Thanks, It was a lot of fun and after working so hard the last few weeks we needed the break.


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